Craft Beer & Brewery Maps

Looking for craft beer? We'll help you find it.

Ale Trail Maps is here to make brewery maps and guides to help you get the most from your beer drinking adventures.

We love craft beer. We also love traveling and visiting breweries and brewpubs wherever we go. The key to our adventures are solid maps and guides to keep the good times flowing. We want to share our knowledge of the 'Ale Trails' and our love of fine craft beer, so we have set out to create this website and the best brewery maps!

Ale Trail Maps is your guide to craft beer breweries and brewpubs in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and around the world. Here you will find descriptions and maps for the many breweries and brewpubs - both old and new - and local information to help you plan your trip.

We don’t claim to be a Beer Geeks, but we know we love beer and how malted barley, hops, yeast and water can be combined in a seemingly infinite number of ways to produce this magical elixir.

Plus, we have information to help you get the most from your beer adventures.

Rainier Beer is a classic Seattle brewed beer.

Not Just Brewery Maps and Pub Reviews

Our beer styles and tasting tips will help you enjoy the delicious craft beer these breweries are producing. You don’t need to be a Beer Geek to appreciate what you drink!

Our Beer Styles pages can guide you. Is that a Pilsner or a Porter? What's the difference between a Belgian Strong Ale and a Lambic?

Interested in how beer is made and possibly making beer (or cider) at home? Our Brewing Process page can help get you started.

Our events pages include some of the best craft beer festivals and events around. These hand picked events celebrate craft beer in various ways, but all of them are fun!

Once you get home, why should the good times stop? We plan to have serving information so you can be the life of the party (including how to set up your own kegerator!). Our section on food paring suggestions and recipes for cooking with beer will be up soon.

Future Travel Plans

While our focus is on breweries and brewpubs in Washington State, we will be expanding to include the best in other areas. Beer 'hot spots' like Oregon, Chicago and Milwaukee, Boston and the Northeast and states like California, Colorado and Alaska.

We also enjoy international travel and have spent time in Europe checking out the best of the 'Old World', so Belgium, Germany and Great Britain will be additions in the future. That’s where the magic of brewing started!

Now start your beer adventure with us and check out our site!


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